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How to Create a Viable Career in Makeup Artistry: Insights From a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

Part 2:  How to Design an Artistry Career That Fits Your Lifestyle

Welcome to Part 2 of our three-part series that will finally answer the first question of every aspiring makeup artist: How can I create a viable career in makeup artistry? In Part 2, we’ll share exactly how to create the type of artistry career that fits the lifestyle you want to create for yourself. We’ll also share a few real success stories. 

This series is brought to you by celebrity makeup artist and Founder of Kensington Makeup Academy, Holli Chris. The insights that you’ll gain in this series are a part of Holli’s mission to elevate and educate the industry. 

Okay, here we go! We hope this leaves you feeling empowered to go after your dream artistry career.

It’s More Than a Hobby

Makeup is a highly sought after service that requires a specific skill set. So, why then, is it so often seen as merely a hobby?

The makeup artistry stigma is a long-standing and frustrating misconception. The worst part is that many aspiring makeup artists are discouraged from choosing this career because of that stigma. Let’s explore the two most common paths into makeup artistry and how each path can lead to a beautifully successful career. 

The Aspiring Artist: Natalie

Knowing she wanted to be an artist from the start, Natalie sought out training straight out of high school. She ultimately connected with Kensington Makeup Academy which she credits with changing the trajectory of her career. For Natalie, she was able to look past the industry stigma because she personally knew extremely successful artists. Even today, she will have people who assume makeup is a little hobby and ask her what her real job is. But Natalie has come to experience for herself that their misconception is not the reality. She wants other aspiring artists (who may not have personally witnessed success stories) to know that this is an extremely viable and real career.

Today, she runs Beauty by Natalie Rae, a thriving hair and makeup business. With a passion for full glam and tons of experience in soft glam, she is able to expertly execute a wide range of looks.

 The Career Change Artist: Kazandra 

Kazandra was feeling unfulfilled after years working in the dental industry. One day her mom asked her to think about what job she would feel the most passionate about having — and she instantly knew it was makeup. She reached out to her own wedding makeup artist to recommend the best makeup school. That is what led Kazandra to Kensington Makeup Academy, where she graduated and gained the tools to start her makeup career.

Today, she runs Glam by Kaz, where she specializes in natural makeup application and lessons, and happily sustains makeup artistry as her career. Her business continues to grow as clients seek her out for natural, gorgeous glam.

Design Your Own Career

Now that you understand how successful you can be in this industry, let’s explore how to design an artistry career that fits your lifestyle.

Here are a few ways you can design your own career in artistry:

  • Create your own hours: You can say yes or no to gigs in order to design either a full career or a lucrative side hustle. Special event makeup can make a great side hustle because those jobs typically fall during the evenings and weekends. 
  • Book out as far as you would like: Some people like the sense of financial stability and peace that being booked up provides. It allows you to plan your income. Others may not want to have their weekends planned out that far in advance. You get to choose what works for you. 
  • Choose which type of events you work: Many artists thrive in a bridal setting. Then there are many artists who dislike the high pressure of working weddings. They may prefer focusing on commercial and other types of special events. 

Every single artist will have different needs and a unique path. Here are how two artists are each carving out their own artistry path to fit their lifestyle. 

Holli Chris

You may know Holli as the Founder of Kensington Makeup Academy. Her own story is a great example of how artistry can be an evolving lifestyle career. Holli’s bridal beauty business saw exponential growth once she created the three-tiered pricing system that is still used today by Kensington Makeup. But her all-encompassing career as a bridal artist was no longer the best fit for her lifestyle once she became a wife and mother. Since she was already receiving requests for makeup lessons, she decided to lean fully into the educational side of artistry and create Kensington Makeup Academy. Today, she is busy working on her next big move in the industry. By continually customizing her career to fit her lifestyle, Holli is able to maximize her time, utilize her skills, and be present for her family. 


Gabi started her artistry career on the weekends while working her 9-5. Eventually, she was able to confidently quit her 9-5 and turn artistry into her career. While Gabi is a skilled bridal artist, she finds herself gravitating towards more unique and novel looks. So, she has leaned into runway and editorial makeup in addition to bridal. Her business, AZ Glam on Demand, sees more and more growth each year. Gabi feels so grateful to have taken her career into her own hands.

Your Artistry Career: Dream it. Build it. Live it.

As you can see, your career in artistry is what you make it. It is more than a hobby if you make it to be. And it can be the hours, span, and events that work for you. With these insights in mind, you are absolutely able to design an artistry career that fits your lifestyle.

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