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In-Person Course

Kensington Makeup Academy has officially partnered with Social Citizen Academy to continue our signature in-person makeup training experience in Scottsdale, AZ!

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the course...

Special Event and Bridal Makeup Artistry

No previous experience or knowledge required!
Our system based curriculum is designed around traditional makeup artistry techniques that provide a foundation for students to develop their own personal artistry style. Classes are formatted with a combination of lecture - demonstrations, hands-on application, and a photoshoot to start a portfolio that showcases talent and range as an artist!

We help aspiring makeup artists, develop their own personal makeup artistry style so they can attract the clients they want to work with.

"I feel like my technical skill improved tenfold by attending the hands-on classes. the support from my instructors and fellow classmates made such a positive impact on my confidence as an artist."

-Alyssa S

100 hour Certificate

Watch, learn, and master 16 progressive makeup looks presented by our lead Kensington Makeup Instructors. 

Makeup Kit

All products are selected for the their quality, performance, and multi-functionality, to launch the aspiring artist on the right path. Our kits contain everything you need to create a global range of classic beauty looks.

Final Photoshoot

Capture creativity with a professional photoshoot to launch your makeup portfolio in style.
Showcase work to potential clients on all of your media platforms. 

In the in-person course

You Will:

+ master 16 curated makeup looks 

+ Learn airbrush techniques

+ Develop an eye for all skin shades

+ optimize your application speed

+ Learn photoshoot set etiquette 

and so much more!

  • Build and maintain a condensed makeup kit, that caters to global skin tones
  • Brush types and anatomy 
  • Proper brush cleaning
  • Good sanitation practices 
  • Lighting, gear, and seating
  • Skin prep
  • Base matching 
  • Corrective color theory 
  • Non-corrective shadow and eye liner styles
  • Blush, bronzer and highlighter placements
  • Brow proportions and filling
  • Eye lash design, lash application, and mascara
  • Natural lip color application

Here's What You'll Learn

Kit - Tools - Sanitation

Beauty Makeup Basics

  • Maintaining space, setup, self presentation
  • Consultation questions and communication
  • Documenting through face charts and photos
  • Trouble shooting your makeup application
  • Managing client expectations and your mindset
  • Develop your personal makeup style
  • Set etiquette 

Put it All Together 

  • Airbrush equipment, products, and technique
  • Airbrush foundation and color application
  • Eye proportions and shapes
  • Corrective eye shadow and liner styles
  • Face shapes and feature 
  • Understanding light, shading, and two dimensional media
  • Corrective contouring and highlighting
  • Lash curling and individual lash design
  • Corrective brows and grooming
  • Corrective lip application

Corrective Makeup

LET'S BREAK DOWN the beautiful details

This thoughtfully curated makeup kit will not only support your education as a student, it will allow you to show up as a professional artist when you take your first paid client. Complete with shades that cater to all global skin tones and everything you need, no matter who sits in your chair. 

Makeup Kit

Create with top brands;
ESUM, Danessa Myricks, Temptu, and Kett. 

*Kits are subject to change based on supplier availability

the professional's 

where to go

Social Citizen Academy
is located in the heart of  Scottsdale, AZ

SC Academy has a very light and modern feel.
Twenty customizable workstations with perfect lighting in a crisp clean space surrounded by windows. Students love the full-length mirror at each workstations and the state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with digital learning, to take the student experience to the next level.

10636 N 71st Way Suite 200-205
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

your investment

100 hrs

of lecture, demo, and hands-on education

10 wks

4 nights a week and
Photoshoot day


Makeup Course and photoshoot fees


The Everything you need Professional Makeup Kit

+ Tax

Our mission

To prepare students to work professionally according to TODAY'S multimedia needs and trends.

We pride ourselves in building a culture that focuses on community over competition. At Social Citizen, students are immersed in the salon culture and inspired to step out of their comfort zone to develop their artistry skills.

We truly value blending students into our family and supporting each other in all stages of their careers.

"The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are very hands on to help you hone your craft. They really give you the tools you need for a career in the Makeup Industry."

- James M

beautiful words


 "The instructors were very hands-on, but still gave me space to find my own way and techniques in class. Kensington gave me a whole new confidence!"

- Hannah V


beautiful words

"Had such an amazing experience with Kensington Makeup Academy and their makeup courses! Everything from application, color matching and placement. You’ll leave as a makeup pro!" 

- Alyssa Q


beautiful words

Learn a system based curriculum that you can always fall back on.

Bonus: Access to the Kensington Makeup Academy ONLINE makeup course for additional training support.

Realtime feedback and support from professional makeup instructors.

Curated makeup looks to keep in your back pocket. 

Hands-on makeup application to bring your skills to the next level.

Qualify for pro-card discounts with your certificate of completion!

The Valuable Things...

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Makeup work-book and face-charts for the note takers.

Photoshoot experience and professional images to launch your portfolio in style.


Step into our virtual world of beauty education and inspo.