Special Event Makeup
– Online Course 

We’re here for you, wherever you are. For almost a decade, Kensington Makeup Academy has been equipping students for success in the makeup industry.
And now, we’re going virtual! 
Our Special Event Makeup course teaches you both foundational and elevated artistry skills so that you can feel confident charging for your services.
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Aspiration turned artistry 

Ready to Level Up Your Makeup Skills?

Immerse yourself in the art of Special Event Makeup Artistry. We help aspiring Makeup Artists build credibility by earning a certificate in makeup artistry, with the convenience of working at their own pace.  

Education that will get you through the tricky parts of makeup

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 

Your makeup training will always be something you fall back on


We will teach you color neutralizing theory to cover up any unwanted skin discoloration, and brighten up the face to create the perfect complexion.


Trouble shoot different skin textures and mature appropriate products for the smoothest application.


Conceptualize highlighting and contouring to add dimension in two dimensional media for the perfect balance.


Ensure that you can cater to all shades of skin, from the lightest to the deepest levels.


Curate a look that is tailored for every unique facial feature.

"There was so much I didn’t know about doing makeup on others! It’s so easy to perfect a look on your own face,
but when it came to others there is a little more to it!"


let's be real.

Time is money

We teach you techniques that prioritize profits, without sacrificing quality or creativity. Our curriculum is consciously curated to support artistry by working in a system that facilitates speed and eliminates analysis paralysis.
In any market, Bridal and Special Event Clients will be your bread and butter.  Our goal is to get you out there with 16 staple makeup looks to master and keep in your back pocket, so you will always be able to rise to the occasion with a creation that WOWs!

What would you do
if you knew you couldn't fail?

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The same education we have been teaching for years in Scottsdale, Arizona,
now made available worldwide!  Join Holli Chris as she guides you through 22 lessons, where you will master 16 thoughtfully curated and progressive makeup looks designed to prepare you to work with your dream bridal and special event clients.

Special Event Makeup course

introducing the ...

  • Build and maintain a condensed makeup kit, that caters to global skin tones
  • Brush types and anatomy 
  • Proper brush cleaning
  • Good sanitation practices 
  • Lighting, gear, and seating
  • Skin prep
  • Base matching 
  • Corrective color theory 
  • Non-corrective shadow and eye liner styles
  • Blush, bronzer and highlighter placements
  • Brow proportions and filling
  • Eye lash design, lash application, and mascara
  • Natural lip color application

Here's What You'll Learn

Kit - Tools - Sanitation

Beauty Makeup Basics

Module one

Module two

  • Maintaining space, setup, self presentation
  • Consultation questions and communication
  • Documenting through face charts and photos
  • Trouble shooting your makeup application
  • Managing client expectations and your mindset

Client Consultations

module four

  • Airbrush equipment, products, and technique
  • Airbrush foundation and color application
  • Eye proportions and shapes
  • Corrective eye shadow and liner styles
  • Face shapes and feature 
  • Understanding light, shading, and two dimensional media
  • Corrective contouring and highlighting
  • Lash curling and individual lash design
  • Corrective brows and grooming
  • Corrective lip application

Corrective Makeup

Module Three

LET'S BREAK DOWN the beautiful details

Our Learning Platform

We use the online learning platform Kajabi, where you can access the course from your computer or phone app.

Online at your CONVENIENCE 

Through the online platform you will be able to download printable worksheets for each lesson, access presentation slide, and more! 

Additional Resources

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weekly Zoom calls

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Showcase your reputable Kensington Makeup Academy Certificate of Completion.

How does this sound?

Create amazing looks with ease, and have 16 staple looks in your back pocket.



by the end of this course you will be able to:

Confidently cater to all skin tones and textures, no matter who sits in your chair.


Present professionally, so you are taken seriously and attract the clients you want to work with.


Qualify for pro-card discounts, so you can build the makeup arsenal of your dreams!


Yes, I'm in!

“ I went in with no professional experience or knowledge, just a dream. 

They provide you with detailed notes and instructions, step-by-step, therefore I am able to go back on my own while practicing and see all the little tips and tricks learned in class.
The education received exceeded my expectations."

Stephanie C - @slaytodaymakeup

What our grads have to say

 "I learned so much more than I expected and have had so many more doors open up for me upon completion of the makeup course.

I had been doing a little freelancing before I came to Kensington Makeup Academy, but I felt stuck with very little work opportunities. Finding KMA was one of the best things to happen in my makeup artist career. If you are an aspiring MUA looking for AMAZING opportunities I HIGHLY recommend
Kensington Makeup Academy!"

Hannah P - @getglambyhannah

“ I took my passion for beauty and turned it into a business.

Kensington makes it super easy to learn and really helps you become more confident in your artistry. If you are interested in becoming a successful makeup artist Kensington Makeup Academy is the way to go!"

Gabi v - @Glambi_mua

“Don't wait for inspired action, take inspired action!”

— Amanda Frances,
The money queen

"Makeup was only a hobby and now it's my career because of this course!"

- Hannah V

beautiful words

beautiful words


"Kensington Makeup Academy has opened so many opportunities for me, and all from just enrolling in one course!" 

- Nicole D

beautiful words


beautiful words

"This course not only helped me practice and improve my makeup skills but also opened up many opportunities to pursue my dream job of a Freelance Makeup Artist."


beautiful words


beautiful words

Unlike any other
online makeup course!

This course is specifically designed to prepare you to work in the bridal and special event industry, likely where you have the opportunity to make the most money as a budding makeup artist. Whether you are looking to start a side hustle or launch a full time special event makeup career,
this is the course you want to start with.

I'm Holli Chris, your new makeup-mentor.

I'm going to teach you my signature makeup artistry style that has supported me working full time in the bridal and special event industry, for the past 15 years. I have taught hundreds of students to do the same, and I am excited to share my knowledge now world wide.

Hey Lovely!

This course is the only one of its kind because...

I wrote this curriculum specifically to train makeup artists to work professionally in the bridal and special event industry, and then hire them.

I started Kensington Makeup Artists, the parent company to the academy,  back in 2008.  Our on-location pro-team of hair and makeup artists specialize in bridal, special events, photoshoots, and corporate events in the greater Phoenix area and beyond. As client demand grew for the company, the need for sourcing quality artists became a challenge. Thus, Kensington Makeup Academy was created.
For nearly a decade Kensington Makeup Academy has been training aspiring makeup artists, creating a talent source for the ever growing pro-team.
It has always been about the WIN-WIN. We train makeup artists with the intention to hire them, and our clients trust our artists for their special day, because they are trained by us.
And that is what makes the Kensington Makeup Academy proven curriculum so unique.

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I am still offering hands-on workshops to further your education!

Come visit us in sunny Scottsdale for a long weekend full of makeup fun. Get the full Kensington experience by joining one of our three day hands-on workshops! Our weekend intensives are an extension of the online makeup course.
Master our top makeup looks from the program while under the care of our fabulous makeup instructors. Receive realtime feedback and support to accelerate your learning. Test your makeup skills on multiple faces, a rotation of models will be provided throughout the workshop so you can experience different skin levels, shapes and textures.
The weekend will end with a grand finale photoshoot to launch your makeup portfolio in style. Join us for makeup fun, local food, and new friends. 

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Follow a proven roadmap

Investing in yourself.

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Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up.

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