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We’re here for you, wherever you are. For almost a decade, Kensington Makeup Academy has been equipping students for success in the makeup and hair styling industries.
And now, we’re going to offer the resources!

Many people forget that beneath the glitz and glamor of the beauty industry, it is a serious business. Our Backend for Beauty Business resources prepare you how to confidently and professionally grow your clientele without spending all your time on the backend.

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We learned important business skills necessary with setting up your own business as a makeup artist. If you're looking to take your business to the next level and go from a self taught to pro mua, this class is essential!"

- Jennifer P 

“I want to say how amazing Kensington Makeup Academy has been. 



what students have to say

I would highly recommend Kensington Makeup Academy for anyone who loves makeup and is ready to learn more about the business of makeup!"

- Beth M

"I am so happy I found Kensington when I decided to switch careers and go down a path more suited toward my artistic strengths.



Makeup artistry and

Can you answer yes to one or more of these questions?


Are you spending hours passing out business cards and posting on Instagram, only to get no where with client leads?


Are you inconsistent with your pricing because you don't know how much and what to charge for?
Are you really charging your worth?


Are you taking clients without having a signed contract in place to protect you from miscommunications,
or let's face it ... the crazies?


Are you lost in the sauce and wish someone could just give you a step by step blueprint to set up and run your business?

we see you...

and we have been through it all!

What once started out as a makeup artist party of one, founder of Kensington Makeup, Holli Chris, went from OMG "what do I say?" panic when the phone rang, to growing a multi six figure bridal and special event business. 
Now under the reins of the fabulous Natasha, Kensington Makeup Artists of Scottsdale, AZ, runs a tight ship  booking and managing over 400 bridal and special events a year. 
Rip off those rose colored glasses, and let's take a deep dive into everything we have learned over the past 15 years. Our resource guides are going to show you the real beauty to the backend of our business!

You don't know what you don't know, untill you know what you didn't know.

+ Managing your mindset
+ Understanding your market
+ Pricing for your market

+ Offer an experience
+ Support your local network
+ Trade 

Here's What We Have Coming Your Way!

Your Market

Get Social

Attracting Your Client

Serve First Marketing

+ CRM process and system
+ Initial client contact 
+ Setting up lead pipeline 
+ Service agreements 

Choose Your Method

Client Experience 


Beauty In Branding

+ Brand theory
+ Discovering your brand
+ Dissecting the brand board

Design Cohesion 

+ Image editing 
+ Social Precence 

Love at First Site

+ Website platforms and template design
+ Lead Capturing 
+ Basic SEO

Audience Not Algorithm 

+ Defining your brand buckets
+ Serving through social 
+ Educate 

+ Nurturing leads
+ Ins and outs of Trials
+ Closing the sale
+ Day of wedding
+ Beyond bridal - special event/corporate workflows  

Client Experience Workflow

Attract your dream clients and let your brand do your sales for you.

How does this sound?

Kick imposture syndrome in the booty, and charge your worth. 



our guides will help you:

Build a loyal referral network so you don't have to pay for advertising. 


Create a workflow that works for you and saves you time behind the computer. 


Have your contracts in place so you and your clients know where you stand. 


Collect glowing reviews from clients who loved your client experience and professionalism.



Step into our virtual world of beauty education and inspo.